To shade or not to shade, that is the question?

October 15, 2018

When you take a look around it’s more and more evident that the backyard is becoming a sanctuary where people and families retreat.

Is a patio a good addition to my backyard?

By adding a deck to your backyard, you are essentially adding more usable living space. A deck is a great place for a BBQ with friends, playing with the kids and relaxing with a book.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane enjoy beautiful weather all year round, however the heat, humidity and storms aren’t always conducive with a family BBQ.

By adding shade to your deck, such as a patio you can ensure that you can enjoy your deck 365 days of the year. Come rain, hail or shine you can enjoy the great outdoors.

On the Gold Coast and in Brisbane we are blessed with beautiful weather, but with great weather comes great reasonability. The Skin Cancer Council estimate that two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. By providing shade for your deck area you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about skin cancer caused from sun exposure. Peace of mind for your children’s health is priceless.

Have you ever walked bare-foot on the floor when it’s hot? It hurts! When your children are outside playing in the heat, providing shade will give them the perfect place to play without the worry of them getting hurt.

The alfresco dining experience will be more comfortable regardless of the weather with a shade cover, such as a patio.

Shade from the sun and rain will stop your furniture from getting sun and water damage, prolonging their life and keeping them in great condition for longer.

Patios that protect your family

To shade or not to shade is not the question, there seems to be only positives as to why you should shade your outdoor area.

Call GB Patios, we can provide a stunning patio that will not only enhance your Gold Coast or Brisbane home in both appearance and value but will help protect your family from the harsh Australian climate. Call 07 5580 3847 to see how a patio can help improve your outdoor living area.

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