Why Timber Decking Makes the Perfect Choice

Why Timber Decking Makes the Perfect Choice

December 15, 2017

There are many advantages to using timber for your deck construction, and in this post we will look at a few select reasons why you should seriously consider a timber deck for your home.

Timber Is Natural

If you love feeling at one with nature and want the look of your outdoor space to be as natural as possible, then you really can’t go past timber decks. Timber is also great for the environment, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide.

Timber Is Versatile

Decks made of timber can virtually be any design your desire and can be made to fit any space. That’s the beauty of timber; as it can be sliced up and arranged in just about any shape or pattern, suiting both large and small areas. You can paint it, stain it, or leave treated timber completely naked and natural. There are just so many choices with decks made from timber.

It’s Easy To Maintain

Timber decks really are quite easy to maintain. Most of the time they can be cleaned simply with a broom or the hose. If the paint or stain becomes worn after a while, it’s just a matter of giving it a new coat. You can even decide to change colours if you want to go for a whole new look.

Timber Can be Cost Effective

Depending on which timber you decide to choose for your deck construction, the materials really can be very cost effective. For example, pine is becomingly increasingly more popular for decks, as it’s not as expensive as some other timbers.

Stunning Natural Designs

The real beauty of timber is that no piece of wood is identical. Each part of your deck will have its own natural design and distinct character. You can be sure that no one else in the world has the exact same deck as you do.

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