Timber Deck and Patio Cover - The Perfect Combination

Timber Deck and Patio Cover – The Perfect Combination

November 5, 2017

A timber deck topped with a stylish patio cover really does form the ultimate combination. You only have to view a few pictures of this setup online to get an idea of how good this looks. Add in a backyard swimming pool and you really do have a complete picture.

Australians love to get outdoors, and that includes the backyard of our homes. We love those BBQs, mingling with family and friends out by the pool, or simply setting outside with our morning cup of coffee to start the day in a positive and relaxed frame of mind.

There is something about timber that resonates with all of us. As much as we enjoy our modern conveniences, there is always a part of us that wants to be close to nature, and timber decks is one way to achieve that feeling.

Timber is also such a versatile material, enabling you to cut it and shape it to fit just about any design or space. It can be painted, it can be stained or it can be left natural if treated. Decks made of timber really compliment your plants and gardens, blending in seamlessly with the landscaping.

Research patio and timber deck combinations so you have an idea of what would suit your tastes, needs and the landscaping of your home. The patio cover puts the final touches on your outdoor entertaining/relaxation area, offering you protection from the elements, while at the same  adding to the overall visual appeal of your home and its value.

G&B Patios

At G&B Patios on the Gold Coast, we can custom build a patio cover to suit the style of your home and to the specifications you require. Alternatively, if you want to erect the patio yourself, we can supply you with a DIY patio kit, complete with detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

G&B Patios doesn’t just focus on patios alone. An integral part of our business is timber deck construction, so why not get in touch with our expert staff to discuss enlisting our help to build your timber deck and install your awesome new patio cover.

The patio is a signature part of your home. Make it stand out with a patio cover from G&B Patios.

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