Luxury living with fresh air.

June 29, 2016

When buying a house, the usual checklist includes the appropriate number of bedrooms, a modern bathroom and kitchen and a spacious living area. However, Real Estate Agents have seen a shift in this pattern towards a need for the indoor living space to integrate with the outdoor area.

Those houses that have a living room that opens up onto an outdoor entertainment space are becoming more and more popular and don’t last long on the property market.

The living room was once considered the heart and soul of the house. It was the place for entertaining, family time and relaxing. However, people are opting for an outdoor living space such as a deck or patio.

Whilst the architecture of a house is a definite appeal to a buyer, the functionality of the layout is a priority. Parents want to be able to watch their children in the back garden whilst they work in the house, the seamless integration of rooms can assist with making this easy and enjoyable.

The savvy consuming is wanting a more functional layout, whilst the look of a house is important, the ideal layout what consumers want.

When adding additional living space to the home, people are no longer looking to build an extra room, they are extending their living space with a beautiful decks or patio.

The trend is continuing throughout the marketplace, the luxury housing market has seen outdoor decking and patios being added on a much larger scale, however the concept of outdoor living is the same.

Australians want to enjoy the climate throughout the year, and patios and decks are allowing them to do so. Louvre roofs are gaining popularity as it gives people the opportunity to close them when it is raining, but to let the sunshine through in the milder winter months.

Whether you want to consider adding a beautiful deck, patio or pergola to your back yard, creating a beautiful outdoor living space or you want to increase the value of your home for sale call GB Patios to discuss your options.

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