Let In the Winter Sun With a Louvre Patio Roof

Let In the Winter Sun With a Louvre Patio Roof

September 5, 2017

In the SE Queensland area the winter sun is really beautiful. The air is clean and crisp, humidity is at its lowest, but that sun is pleasant and warming. It really is that time of the year where you can safely enjoy the sun and savour its warmth.

Your backyard patio area can be a bit of a cold space during winter, with the roof blocking out any real warmth the winter sun can provide. But there is a solution to this dilemma. If you want to be able to shade the patio area during the summer months, but experience the feel of warm sun on your skin in winter, then a louvre patio cover is the answer.

With this kind of patio cover, you have a roof which can open and close. It’s a very similar process to opening and closing blinds on your windows, except it’s patio roofing.

No more stale air trapped beneath your patio cover, no more BBQ smoke, and no more missing out on that wonderful winter sunshine.

The louvres on these specially designed patio covers open up to 135 degrees and are controlled by a whisper quiet motor; so no manual opening and closing required. When closed, the interlocking louvre blades are weatherproof, so no fear of water leaks when it rains. Louvre patio covers really are the ultimate roofing choice for your outdoor space. Once you have one installed, you will forever wonder how you ever got by without your louvre patio cover.

They look awesome too, and everyone who visits your home will be impressed by their ingenuity, as well as their sleek and very attractive design.

What are these louvre patio covers made of?

Manufactured in Adelaide, they are constructed of high quality aluminium, incorporating Dutch and Italian parts. Not only do louvres control warmth and light, they even have a handy rain sensor that causes the louvres to close automatically the moment rain starts to fall on your patio. How cool is that?

At G&B Patios on the Gold Coast, if you have your louvre patio cover supplied and installed by our expert team, it will be covered by our 10 year warranty, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Louvre patio roofs really are an awesome addition to any home, so be sure to check out our range of options by getting in touch today.

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