How to make the most of your small outdoor area?

April 29, 2016

Outdoor areas can add a beautiful and refreshing sanctuary to any home. Whether you have acres of sprawling land to build on or a modest back yard, there is a patio, deck or pergola to suit you.

Once you’ve chosen your structure you need to work out how to make the most of your small outdoor area.

Firstly, you need to decide what the area will be used for. Will it be a dining area, sofa area or a cooking and dining area? Once you’ve decided it’s purpose you can then work on how to accommodate the items needed.

Be mindful that big and bulky furniture can make a small area appear even smaller.

A table with benches that can be pushed under and the table pushed against the wall is a great way to save space until the table is needed, this means you can accommodate a larger dining table, but still enjoy the additional space when not all the seats are required.

A wrap around bench that is built against the wall with built in flip up storage is a handy way to incorporate seating, storage and with the additional of a few cushions, style.

Declutter the space. Take out potted plants, ornaments and anything that is not functional or needed, these items can give the appearance of being cramped and smaller than they actually are. If you do have a green thumb consider a vertical garden on the wall, this will add a great feature and save space.

Even with limited space and a small budget you can make a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment or even as a way to add value to your home. Call GB Patios and ask how you can create a small slice of heaven on 0412 560 469.

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