Handy Hints For Caring For Your Timber Deck

Handy Hints For Caring For Your Timber Deck

August 15, 2017

You’ve just had a stunning new timber deck constructed in your yard and it looks incredible. But how do you care for your timber deck so it stays looking great for many years to come?

Here are some handy tips.

Remove Debris Regularly

Regular maintenance will ensure your deck looks good for longer. A build up of debris not only looks messy, it can also potentially lead to staining and marring of the finish if left for long periods. There are several simple ways of regularly removing debris from your deck:

  • Broom
  • Hose
  • Leaf blower

Really, all three will keep your deck free and clear of anything that’s not meant to be there. You will be surprised how good your deck looks just with regular sweeping and the occasional hose down to remove any build up of grime.

Commercial Deck Cleaners

You can buy these from supermarkets and hardware stores, but make sure you purchase something that’s suitable for your deck’s finish. If in doubt, mix up some warm soapy water at home and brush it over your deck with the aid of a broom. You won’t need to do this all the time, but it will be required every now and then to remove spills, bird droppings and grime. Be sure to rinse it off with fresh water when you’re done.

Choice Of Furniture

It’s always best to choose furniture that is designed for outdoor use, and in particular, designed for timber decks. What you don’t want are chairs, tables and other items being constantly scraped over your deck and scratching up the finish.

Deck Refinishing

Over time the finish on your timber deck will start to age. It happens. Nothing lasts forever. But think of it as an opportunity to really rejuvenate your deck, or even go for a colour change. By the time you have finishing repainting or staining your deck, it will look like it’s just been built.

Timber Deck Construction – Gold Coast

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