Boost the value of your home

March 29, 2016

As the real estate market has become very competitive in the past few years it has become more important to grab the attention of buyers in new and innovative ways.

From a modest to lavish structure there is an outdoor living solution to suit all budgets and needs. An outdoor living area provides seamless integration between the indoor living space and outdoor area. It can open up your home and provide fresh air and natural light that gives the appearance of space.

When looking for a home the usual check list includes, number of bedrooms needed, nice kitchen and bathroom and a decent sized living space and parking. When competing on the property market its imperative to have the edge over other sellers by going the extra mile, do this by adding an undercover parking solution such as a car port and an additional outdoor living area, with the added interest in your property, you can be assured the value of your home will increase.

The modern corporate culture has seen working hours’ increase. To offset the additional stress and time taken in the office many are looking to build themselves a sanctuary in their back yard where they can relax and enjoy the fresh air. When looking for a new property the ease and appeal of an outdoor area and often be the clincher between your property and another.

A patio and/or deck can be a simple outdoor seating area or be set up as a BBQ kitchen with fridge and entertainment area. The outdoor area adds additional square metre living space, which in the eye of the buyer is added living space they are purchasing.

Whether you are looking at adding a patio, pergola or deck, the additional living space is a big plus in the buyer’s opinion. You can take a simple lawn and transform into another living space and add the WOW factor to your home with the simple addition of some furniture and home furnishings.

Another easy value adding idea is to build a carport. A carport provides your vehicle with shelter from the harsh Australian elements and in many cases a covered walkway to your front door. A carport can be a stylish addition to a home at an affordable cost. By adding a carport, you are checking yet another box on the buyers wish list and as such adding to the value of your home.

So call a GB Patio representative and see how you can maximise your properties space whilst adding value and style. Call us on 0412 560 469 and add that WOW factor to your home.

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