3 reasons to build a patio

August 15, 2018

A patio built by GB Patios is a stunning addition to any Gold Coast or Brisbane home. The popularity of the patio has increased in recent years and more and more people are seeing the benefits of adding a one to their home. So, what are the benefits?

What is a patio?

A patio provides an attractive cover that creates a distinctive and functional space that you can enjoy in all weathers.

Why add a patio to your Brisbane or Gold Coast home?

  1. A patio can provide some much-needed relief from the harsh weather. Whether you are planning a BBQ, a beer on the deck or the kids just want a place to play, a patio can provide some much-needed shelter. A patio provides shade from the sun and can make the covered area considerably cooler. On the same token a patio can protect you from the rain and hail, giving you the perfect outdoors area to enjoy come rain or shine. Your patio, if attached to your home, will also assist with lowering the temperatures indoors, making summer a lot more pleasant both indoors and out.
  2. Don’t plan entertaining around the weather, a patio means you’ll never have to cancel another BBQ due to the weather again. Whether its exceptionally hot or the rain starts you can be assured that your plans won’t be affected.
  3. A patio will add value to your home. Potential home buyers see this area as usable living space and it can be perceived as a larger home. A patio has so many uses and benefits that it appeals to all ages, so you know that it will only add to your home’s appeal.

Want a patio? Call in the experts

Call GB Patios to discuss how a patio can enhance you Brisbane or Gold Coast home today. Call 1300 814 469 and talk with one of our friendly team. We specialise in carports, louvres, decks and patios, we also have DIY kits if you fancy yourself as a bit of a handyman/woman.

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