It can be a dilemma deciding whether to shade an area or leave it exposed to the sun. Australian summers can be harsh, heating up the indoors, and making the outdoors unpleasant. But, there can be nothing like that winter sun.

Louvres are roofs which can open and close. Close them during the hotter days, and open them to soak up the sun on a winter morning. It’s a great solution to beat the weather.

A louvre is designed to cover patio areas, as an alternative to ordinary patio covers. You can fix it to your home, or choose a freestanding louvre design. It opens to 135 degrees and closes fully, controlled by a silent electric motor that rotates the parallel interlocking blades. It’s sleek, modern and attractive.

Made of high-quality aluminium, this louvre design is made in Adelaide for Australian conditions, from Dutch and Italian parts. Providing light and Shade control, it also has a smart rain sensor, that can close the louvres during rainy weather.

Patios - Gold Coast - Brisbane - Louvres during rainy weather Different Style
Patios - Gold Coast - Brisbane - Louvres during rainy weather

Like all products built by G & B Patios Gold Coast, any louvre installed by us is covered by our 10-year guarantee for structural defects. As builders, we take great care in helping you to select the correct solution for your patio. So, you can be confident that your louvre will be attractive and functional for years to come.

Other Roofing Options
G & B Patios also offers metal roofing options. As your barrier to the elements, and a major contributor to the appearance of your home, your roof is an important investment.

We use durable Colourbond steel. Built to withstand Australian conditions, Colourbond roofing is available in a wide range of designer colours and styles. It’s also energy-smart.

When you choose G & B Patios Gold Coast to install your metal roofing, you can be confident that the installation will be secure, durable and low-maintenance. As experienced builders, we provide accurate take-offs, thorough installation, and friendly after-sales service. You can enjoy peace of mind with our 15-year structural defect guarantee.

For More Information
We can install roofs in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. If you want to learn more about our roofing options and louvres, contact us. At a free initial consultation, we’ll go over the measurements and provide you with an indication of price and design options to suit your house. Ask us about our Ezi Pay interest-free finance option.

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