Save Money With a DIY Patio Kit

Save Money With a DIY Patio Kit

September 15, 2017

These days many Australians love to do a bit of home renovating or tackle DIY building products. In part this is due to being able to save a bit of money on labour costs, but also because many want to see if they can accomplish the task and do it well. Reality TV shows like The Block have really motivated people nationwide to give DIY projects a go.

For those that love the DIY challenge, if you are planning on building a patio out the back or front of your house, then the task is made easier with DIY patio kits from G&B Patios. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be a patio, as there are carport kits as well; and the process for patios and carports is pretty similar.

Kits supplied by our company are specifically designed and manufactured to suit Australian conditions, and in particular, those found in SE Queensland. All materials are made from BlueScope Steel and we provide a 15 year guarantee for structural defects. Not that there are likely to be any.

Colorbond provide the patio covers, and these are excellent at repelling the harsh summer sun, keeping you cool in the shade.

Obviously the first step in your patio construction is deciding exactly where you want it to be located, measuring it up and determining what you will use for your base, then deciding on the style and colour of the patio cover itself (which is your DIY patio kit).

All our kits come with detailed, yet easy to follow instructions for the construction of your brand new patio. Not only do you get to save money by building it yourself, you will also experience a great sense of satisfaction every time you admire your new patio, knowing it was made by your hands.

We all enjoy some time outdoors, and whether it’s a backyard patio to indulge in a BBQ, or a carport out the front to keep the sun and weather off the car, you’ll find the DIY patio kits from G&B Patios make the task easy.

They come in roofing styles such as:

  • Flatdeck
  • Flat Attached
  • Gable
  • Dutch Gable

G&B Patios deliver DIY kits Australia wide, so give us a call today to discuss your project: 1300 814 469.

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