A Carport Can Be Used For More Than Just Parking a Car

July 5, 2017

Building a carport out the front or down the side of your home can have a number of uses. It doesn’t necessarily have to be used for parking a car. Sometimes you just might want some undercover area built for other purposes.

Let’s look at a few uses for a carport other than merely parking a car under it.

Escaping the Heat

While you might have a patio built out back, sometimes you just might want some shade out the front of your house to escape the heat. Carports are an ideal and cost effective way of creating a comfortable shaded area.

Hanging the Laundry

More suited to carports built down the side of a home rather than directly out the front, having a place to hang the laundry without the risk of it being rained on is just one of many carport ideas.

A Play Area

Carports give children a great outdoor play area without being directly in the sun or the rain. A dartboard can be set up under the cover of the carport. Even a small play set or swing set could be placed under cover. Carports are the perfect solution for outdoor play areas without children being exposed to the elements.

Outdoor Parties

If you are entertaining guests, and perhaps don’t have much space out back for a crowd, then the carport can be utilised as an undercover, outdoor entertaining area. And if there are any smokers in the home, the carport offers outdoor cover for anyone desiring to light up.

Protection for the Family Dog

If your dog is delegated to the outdoors, then the carport offers your beloved pooch protection from the sun and rain. You may not want your dog indoors, but he/she needs some protected and comfortable space outdoors.

A Workshop

The carport makes a great little workshop for either repairing the car, the kid’s bikes, or indulging your favourite hobby. With the addition of some walls, the carport could even be transformed into a man cave.

Boat Storage

Maybe you have a small boat and nowhere to park it under protection. Carports are the ultimate solution to this dilemma. You might have a lock up garage for your car, but nowhere to park the boat out of the sun and rain. Built a carport.

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