5 reasons you why you will want a pergola

February 29, 2016

Australia is blessed with a warm sunny summer climate and mild winters, so it is easy to see why so many home owners are adding an outdoor area to their home and enjoying alfresco living.

If chosen correctly, a pergola can add a beautiful outdoor living space and a stunning addition to the landscape and architecture.

There are many reasons to add a pergola to your property and here are just a few;

  1. Pergolas are a great addition to a big or small home. A small home can benefit from the additional living space, great for entertaining or just sharing a meal with family. Often a small living space can provide a cramped and unpleasant environment for a gathering, with an outdoor area you can enjoy the luxury of the open air with protection from the elements. Even a large home that does not need the extra space can enjoy alfresco dining with shade or cover from the rain.
  1. Pergolas are more than functional; they are astatically pleasing too. A pergola can complement the current architecture of a home and add a touch of class to the outdoor area.
  1. A pergola is the perfect retreat from the sun and/or rain. Whether you’ve spent your working week at the office or in the house, the pergola can be a blissful area for relaxation or a great place to celebrate the weekend with a few drinks and a BBQ. A pergola allows you to experience the great outdoors without the unpleasantness of rain or the hot sun beating down on you.
  1. As Australians are enjoying their outdoor areas more and more, it makes sense that when selling a property to add a feature area that will capture the attention of a buyer. Once a buyer has inspected the house, make your house stand apart from the rest and provide a beautiful outdoor living area, this increases the size of the home in the buyer’s mind as it is additional living space thus increasing the value.
  1. A pergola can give you some much needed privacy in your garden if you are in close proximity to your neighbours. It can give you concealment to enjoy your outdoor living space to rest and relax.

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