3 reasons to choose louvers

September 5, 2018

When you add a patio to your home it provides an additional living space regardless of the weather. Whilst a patio is a great addition to your home for many reasons, louvers can give you the versatility and flexibility to control the elements.

3 Reasons to choose louvers for your Gold Coast or Brisbane home?

Louvers are roofs that can be opened or closed. Opening to a 135-degree angle they can be opened or closed with a silent motor.  They are growing in popularity as people are seeing the benefits;

  1. Louvers give you full control over the elements. If the rain is pouring or the harsh sun is too hot you can close them, however if it is overcast and you want some light you can open them. You have full control over your environment with
  2. Louvers provide a great alternative to a patio cover. Much the same as a patio they provide shade and shelter. A patio cover or louver will help to keep your home cool as it stops the sun’s rays entering your home. In the winter you have the option to open your louvers and you can let the sun pour in and warm up your home.
  3. Louvers have a rain sensor, so you can avoid the wet weather without even moving from your seat. Need to dry some washing? Why not leave it on the deck to dry, if the rain comes the sensors will automatically close the louvers over.

Louvers give you control

If you are looking for a durable and low-maintenance roofing solution, louvers are the answer. GB Patios install roofs in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Call 1300 814 469 for a free consultation. We specialise in decks, patios, louvers and carports.

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